Piedmont ChurchThe church building, on the corner of Cleveland and Jarrett, was built in 1915. There have only been a few alterations to the exterior of the building since it was built. Originally, there were no front doors in the doorways facing Jarrett, instead the front of the church was an open tiled atrium, much like a porch, welcoming the neighborhood.  There is a suspicion that the architect may not have been familiar with Oregon’s rain!

The sanctuary, where we worship, is a full flight of stairs up…giving it an “in the upper room” feeling.  Until after World War II, the church used folding chairs rather than pews, and many people who grew up in the neighborhood remember coming here to watch movies. The sanctuary is lit by clear glass windows, rather than stained glass, another characteristic that makes it a unique church building for its time. In 2016, God did a great thing for the us through Reliant Construction and the sacrificial giving of many members and neighbors: two lifts were added to the interior of the building so that the stairs are no longer a barrier to people worshiping and spending time together as a church family. In 2017, God did another great thing by bringing Piedmont Presbyterian and Promised Land Community Church into fellowship together, for the purpose of increasing the ability of both churches in ministry.

As our brothers and sisters who established this worshiping community, we remain committed to bringing the light of Christ to our neighborhood by loving and serving our neighbors.

Below you can find information about both Promised Land Community and Piedmont Presbyterian Churches.