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We’re following Portland Public School’s decision to close for potential icy weather today. Stay warm and stay safe!

Play Park will be open 9am-12pm on Labor Day.

This week is also the start of play park’s fall schedule: Monday-Thursday, 9am-12pm.

For more details please visit our play park page.

Due to limited space related to our accessibility project, this year’s annual egg hunt is for very young participants only, ages 0-5. We are sorry that we are unable to offer activities for older participants. The scavenger hunt will be back next year. The egg hunt will be Sat., March 26th, and will start at 10am, from the front entry of the church on Jarrett. The hunt will be inside the play park and sanctuary if the weather is wet or cold. Refreshments will be served, and the play park will be open for play afterward.

Friday, March 25th, 7pm
Tenebrae Service: Readings from the gospel books follow Jesus as he goes from sharing a meal with his disciples to his betrayal, torture and death. Candles are extinguished as we remember his suffering and sacrifice for us and the world.

Sunday at 10:30 am, March 27th
Please join us to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Sunday School for children 7 and younger after God’s Children Time at the beginning of worship. The “One Great Hour of Sharing” offering will be gathered to support Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Hunger Relief and the Self-Development of People programs.
After the worship service all are invited to enjoy coffee,  deviled eggs and other Easter refreshments.

martinlutherPlease join us for worship on Sunday, January 17th, at 10:30am. This service will include readings from many of Rev. Dr. King’s sermons, speeches and writings, along with scriptures and hymns that King used as a foundation to inspire his listeners. King’s themes of justice and peace are as important for us to hear today as they were when first spoken. Music will feature African American composers and traditional spirituals, including King’s favorite, “Precious Lord, Take My Hand.”

Special Winter Delight this morning! For the health of the body of Christ we encourage you to avoid the roads and worship in place. There will be no church service at Piedmont Presbyterian. The morning’s readings celebrate Epiphany. Question (based on Ephesians): what boundless riches has God given you as you have sought Jesus Christ?

Christmas Eve Service

jesusCommunity Christmas Eve Service
Thursday, December 24th, 7pm


For all ages, everybody welcome! Please join us for traditional readings and carols, a pageant about “The Friendly Beasts” that all children are welcome to participate in, and “Silent Night” by candle light.


This event is free. An offering will be given during the service to support the church’s campaign to make the building accessible through installing lifts and a wheelchair ramp.


After the service, which is around 45 minutes long, there will be cookies and refreshments available for Santas and little angels alike.


Play Park will be open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9am-12pm, and Wednesday 3:00pm-5:30pm throughout December, including on days schools are not in session. Please check this website for any closures related to weather. Thanks!

We cleaned the attic.  We cleaned the store rooms. Prices set very low, but NO coin denominations! So, $1.00 buys two or five or ten of something. Please be kind and bring small denomination bills. See http://tinyurl.com/ChurchYardSalePDX for over 100 detailed pictures!
20833991896_bf56db82d0_zLots of items:
Board Games
Craft Supplies
Sewing supplies
Complete Sewing Machine in Cabinet
Art Painting supplies
Random items
Old Tech: Mimeograph, IBM Selectric, PA Amplifier, Kodak Carousel Slide Projector
Household fixtures, furniture
Curio/Vintage Furniture: Teachers Desk, Travel Trunk
Wedding Dress
Children’s Group Game “parachute”
The following is a detailed list of items and prices:

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